Monday, 16 March 2015

Oh my Goodness

Where does the time go?
I cant believe it is almost spring again....yes it is coming!

My business is growing leaps and bounds and with it comes change. But that is a good thing right!
This year we have added a new studio space in Trinity , which means our retail space will increase as well as we move the production side out of the " shop" and  into the studio.
Its very exciting!....what is not exciting is our name.....

" Mirabella " is sweet, but not the fun, whimsey brand I want to portray. Almost 2 years ago when I named the shop space it was kind of done in a hurry and without a whole lot of thought on my part.

Now that we are also a full studio and will be offering classes in many genres over the summer and fall I need the name to be more in keeping with a fun art place and space to buy and make.

We will also be representing many more unique  Canadian artists and artisan made products than ever before. You have asked us to be able to buy the summer offerings not just in Trinity so as of this spring  most of our in-store finds will be offered on our website year round.This will include our own brand of 18 tea flavors named for Newfoundland places and spaces

I will be unveiling a whole new name and brand in the few weeks.

The new studio space is almost finished so when the snow goes...I will post pictures!
So stay tuned ! Its going to be awesome.....