Saturday, 27 April 2013


 My little seasonal shop & studio now has a name!


means " to admire or wonder at....."

It is so appropriate for our little seaside shop!

We invite guests to browse our own creations in art, jewelry and cool craft as well as eclectic designs of other fabulous artisans 

since we are a studio , 
you can even watch how we do it!

Come in and visit us this summer 
we will open mid May

Summer here we come.....

 I am getting ready to head back to the land of Icebergs, whales 
and the salt sea air...beautiful Trinity !

I have been busy  creating new " Strung Out " jewelry designs 
between putting  brush strokes on the canvas....oh so much to do! 

The new canvas Artscapes are doing fantastic and loved 
by customers because they are so easy to travel with and I have 
added 2 new images to the series for 2013

"A Fortunate View"

     Stay tuned , I do hope to get back to 
blogging about the shop & studio this summer